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Make your own .edu email!

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Make your own .edu email!

Post by yawnana on Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:44 am

In this easy to follow eBook I will be teaching you how to save massive amounts of money with hardly any work on your part! You will be able to get 1000's of dollars in legit software for free! You will save 1000's of dollars on items like food, electronics, clothes and more from high-end company's like;
Western Digital
and 100's more!
Now at this point you are probably thinking this is going to be using some illicit method, no. This method is as simple as making a email. Really thats it we just need to make a email and you are done! So lets get started...
Making a Email:
1. Open your web-browser and navigate to; https://secure.californiacolleges. edu/Home/Create_an_Account /Create_an_Account.aspx
2. Now click the “Go” button next to the “Adult” section
3. Don't touch anything, Just click the “Next” button
4. Fill out your real name or a fake one
5. Click the checkbox that says; “Check here if you do not have your own e-mail”
6. Fill out the rest of the forum as you see fit, the section where it says “Optional” you don't need to fill out but it will make it look more realistic if you do.
7. Agree to the TOS and click “Create your Account”
Boom! There you are done making the email address so lets show you where to view you inbox and send emails using it.
Viewing and Sending Emails:
To view inbox, Login and navigate to here; https://secure.californiacolleges. edu/Your_Portfolio/Messages /Messages.aspx
To send emails, Login and navigate to here; https://secure.californiacolleges. edu/Your_Portfolio/Messages /Messages.aspx?action=compose
Ok, So now you now the basics of using your new email... Lets get to the part where you start saving money and getting free stuff!!!
Saving Money and Getting Free Stuff:
There are 100's of websites and company's that give huge discounts to students but the reason most people can't get them is because they need a .edu email address... So now you see why we made that email? There are websites that have lists of places where you can get discounts and free stuff using a student email here is a small list of some of them;
http://www.studentuniverse.co m/deals/
http://www.bradsdeals.com /blog/student-discounts/
http://www.studentsavingsclub. com/
Now there are many more all you have to do is search “Student Discounts” in Google to find them.
There are also other ways to save like if you are in a store you can ask the manager if they have discounts for student, most do...
Here are some software company's that you can get free software from;
Microsoft Dreamspark https://www.dreamspark.com/
AutoDesk http://www.autodesk.com /education/free-software
There are 100's if not 1000's of ways to save money using this method, Not even I know them all. I hope you found this Method informative and I hope you save money using it in the future!
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