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Training Guide on Linux System Administration, LPI Level 1

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Training Guide on Linux System Administration, LPI Level 1

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:45 am

Training Guide on Linux System Administration, LPI Level 1

visit this link to study these contents below.

Table of Contents

System Architecture (101)
101.1 Determine and Configure Hardware Settings
101.2 Boot the System
101.3 Runlevels, Rebooting & Shutting down the system
Linux Installation and Package Management (102)
102.1 Design hard disk layout
102.2 Install a boot manager
102.3 Manage shared libraries
102.4 Debian Package Management
102.5 RPM and YUM Package Management
GNU and Unix Commands (103)
103.1 Working on the Command Line
103.2 Process text streams using filters
103.3 Perform basic file management
103.4 Streams, Pipes and Re-directs
103.5 Create, Monitor and Kill Processes
103.6 Modify Process Execution Priorities
103.7 Using Regular Expressions
103.8 Using Vi Devices, Linux Filesystems, Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (104)
104.1 Create Partitions and Filesystems
104.2 Maintain the integrity of filesystems
104.3 Control mounting and unmounting of filesystems
104.4 Manage Disk Quotas
104.5 Manage File Permissions and Ownership
104.6 Create and change hard and symbolic links
104.7 Finding and Placing Files within the File Hierarchy Standard
Shells, Scripting and Data Management (105)
105.1 Customize and use the shell environment
105.2 Customize or Write Simple Scripts
105.3 SQL Data Management User Interfaces and Desktops (106)
106.1 Install and Configure X11
106.2 Set Up a Display Manager
106.3 Accessibility Administrative Tasks (107)
107.1 Manage User and Group Accounts
107.2 Automate System Administration Tasks
107.3 Localization and Internationalization Essential System Services (108)
108.1 Maintain System Time
108.2 System Logging
108.3 Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) basics
108.4 Managing Printers and Printing Networking Fundamentals (109)
109.1 Fundamentals of Internet Protocols
109.2 Basic Network Configuration
109.3 Basic Network Troubleshooting
109.4 Configure client-side DNS Security (110)
110.1 Perform Security Administration Tasks
110.2 Setting Up Host Security
110.3 Securing data with encryption

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