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[TUT] Doxing Prevention Guide

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[TUT] Doxing Prevention Guide

Post by Anonymous Hacker on Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:44 am

Good day GHANA BASE and welcome to my new tutorial. This tutorial will focus on how to prevent yourself from getting doxed. You may ask why this is important. This is very important because if someone gets your information such as home phone and address the things they can do to you are endless. One really bad thing that can happen is getting SWATTED. Why not prevent it with these few steps?

Step 1 - Removing Information:
Take your name off your skype, private your facebook, remove yourself and your parents from whitepages, and don't use your real name to anyone you talk to. Go onto facebook and make sure that everything such as your address and phone number are private or deleted. I personally just delete it. Make sure all information on skype is deleted as well. Just go into your settings and go to the very top setting that is blank and make sure it is checked. Make sure your email is private on skype aswell. Also try doxing yourself and see what you can find and try to remove it. This will be helpful because you will be doing the same thing that someone who is hacking you is trying to do. Another good thing to do is go on pastebin.com and see if your dox is already on their and try reporting it. Sometimes if you get enough people to report then they will remove it. Also go on whitepages.com and make an account and remove your information from their. This will prevent people from seeing where you live and possibly getting your phone number. If you live with anyone else then make sure you remove them aswell. Use a VPN or a proxy on skype also so they do not get your ip and trace it back to the city so they have a good idea of where you live.

Step 2 - Creating a Fake Dox:
The very next thing you should do is create a fake dox of yourself. Go on fakenamegenerator.com and generate a fake name. Use this information in the following template.

   */------Dox'd by <Name Here>.------\*

   ------Basic Information------

   Phone Number:

Put a random ip address and skype in for the Internet Information part of the dox. Now all that is left is to post it as a guest on pastebin.com! When someone first tries to dox you usually the first thing they do is search on pastebin. When they see that you have already been doxed they will use this fake information to try to call you and other stuff. Now in reality they are a step down!

Step 3 - Being Smart:
The next best thing you can do is just don't give into social engineering. People will try to ask you for even the littlest information such as an email address that can ultimately lead you to being dox. Remember it only takes once for everyone to have your dox. If anyone has your information already then the best thing you can do is try not to piss them off. If your dox is already online then try to remove it as best as possible. Do not give anyone even the slightest information about you. Be smart about it.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial because I think these are the best steps to take. If you have any more steps that you think I missed then please reply in the thread with it. I would like to hear any new methods.
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Anonymous Hacker

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Re: [TUT] Doxing Prevention Guide

Post by dynamickelvin on Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:18 am

Wowww nice post Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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