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Tech Support Phone Call

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Tech Support Phone Call

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 26, 2014 11:15 am

Tech Support Phone Call Scams ARE occurring. Are you prepared?

The Angle:
You gets a phone call and the caller identifies himself (or herself) as someone from Microsoft,MT,VODAFONE,GLO,AIRTEL or another software application you likely use. The caller states that they have been asked to remotely access your PC to diagnose and fix a problem.

What Actually Happens:
Once the caller successfully social engineers their way into your PC, they will download whatever sensitive data they can find. You may not even see this as they could have connected your file system to theirs while initiating the remote connection.

How to Handle This:
Make sure you are fully aware of this threat. As a best practice, anytime you receive a call from any kind of Tech Support that you did not solicit, or that you not aware of, you should immediately be on the guard. Do not give out any information, and do NOT allow the remote connection. Then be aware whom you can alert immediately when you receive this type of call.


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