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How To Reset iOS Devices ( iPhone & iPad )

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How To Reset iOS Devices ( iPhone & iPad )

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:40 am

Smartphones and Laptops due crash, so iPhone and ipad does, your ios device apps might freezes and to fix this you might need to reset the iPad or iPhone. If you are experiencing any problems with your ios device, you can easily reset your iPhone or iPad to factory default settings even if it doesn’t boot, you can reinstall the entire iOS operating system.

I will be discussing with you different methods to reset your iphone & ipad ;

how to reset iphone & ipad

How To Reset Your iPhone & iPad

=>Using Factory Reset ; This is the easiest way of resetting your iphone, this type of reset is ideal if you want to get your device back as it is when you first bought it. It will erase all your personal settings, apps, and other local data.

Before continue with the reset, make sure you have enough battery and if not, try to charge your device.

1. Goto Settings > General > Now click on the Reset option, you can choose from the option whether to “Erase all settings” Or “Erase All Content and Settings” this might take minutes, you need to be patient.

=> Using Hold And Home Button ; You can also reset your iphone and ipad by pressing the hold (the one on the top right corner of the iPad/iPhone) and home ( the round one at the bottom center of the iPad’s front ) buttons at the same time.

Press the Hold and Home buttons at once until either the screen go dark, or a red slider appear at the top of the screen.
When the iPad’s screen goes dark, the iPad is off but If the slider appears, you can slide it to the right to turn off the iPad.
Restart the iPad by holding down the Hold button until the Apple icon appears. Let go of the buttons and the iPad reset will be complete. Resetting using this method might not cause you to lose any data or settings…

=> Using iTunes ; The above discussed process only removes your data and apps, it doesn’t reinstall the entire operating system. So if you are experiencing crashes, the system files on your device may be corrupt. You can fix this by connecting your device to a Computer running iTunes.

iTunes will download the device’s operating system from Apple and reinstall a fresh copy of it on the device so that it will replace the device’s operating system let it start over from scratch.

Open iTunes on your computer.
Plug in your device
Click Restore.

iTunes will now remove all your personal files and other data , then restore your device with a new copy of the iOS operating system.

If none of these fix the problem, this means your device may have a hardware problem. You can take it to any Apple store to fix it for you

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