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BACKUP Your App Store Apps BEFORE You Update!

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BACKUP Your App Store Apps BEFORE You Update!

Post by Anonymous Hacker on Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:14 pm

With the upcoming release of iOS Ugly, I mean iOS 7 today I've been getting several App Store App updates coming thru in iTunes. Most of them are just compatibility changes for iOS 7 and don't change anything with the look of the app. However some of them are INTERFACE changes as well meaning the developer has decided to make the app look UGLY just like iOS 7!

So with that being said, I just wanna remind everyone who like myself is NOT a fan of the new hideous look in iOS 7, to

This can be done by going into iTunes and Right-Clicking on one of your app icons and then selecting "Show in Windows Explorer". This will take you to the folder where your apps are being stored on your hard drive. You can then backup those IPA files somewhere so that if you update an app and decide you'd rather go back to the old one you can easily switch back. Also if you do update but forget to backup an app you can check your Recycle Bin which is where iTunes will put your old apps after it downloads a new update. As a last resort if you have updated and don't have a backup you can check the App Store Apps or App Store Games sections here on the forum to see if someone has posted a cracked version of that App or Game which will allow you to go back to that previous version.

If you're a fan of the new HIDEOUS look in iOS 7 then you can disregard this info and proceed to make all your apps just as UGLY as iOS 7
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